Sweets & Cake – Van Bol

Lemon tiramisu, cocoa and pear cakes and Neapolitanbaba’ andpastiera,berries tarts, almond and chocolate cakes, puffs and profiteroles… There is to suit everyone’s taste!
Deeply rooted in the celebrated Neapolitan cake tradition, of which it exalts the oldest recipes, Van Bol patisserie becomes pure art for the eyes and the palate. A clear example of this is Van Bol cake – a soft dessert filled with chocolate and covered with hazelnut ice cream: it is not a muffin, it is not a plum cake and not even merely an ice cream! Its recipe has been locked in a drawer for over thirty years and eventually recovered to delight us.
In this section, you can have a taste – not at all exhaustive – of the relishes Van Bol & Feste offers every day.
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