Naples, 1890: A love story gives birth to Van Bol – a love story that has been going on for over a century between the most celebrated patisseries in Naples, the capital of the Italian cuisine in the world.
Through time this love story has developed and strengthened on different planes, exactly as it happens in an old time film!
It is a love story involving two people and, at the same time, two different cultures…
A Dutch heart – the entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit – and a Neapolitan heart – the renowned traditions of the Mediterranean gastronomy and, more generally, of the great European culture.
Rationality and Romanticism, as we say today, are the
constituents of a brand that challenges time to successfully face the complexity of our modern world. Today, we at Van Bol & Feste propose our pilot project in the heart of Milan – the most international among the Italian metropolises – to open up to the world through a refined bakery where we sum up masterly balance between traditions, artisan skills, and industrial processes.
In few words, this is Van Bol & Feste’s mission: spread the flavours and savours of Italian cakes and savoury food into the world and share the Italian gastronomic culture with customers all over the world, giving it new lymph in a modern, elegant and welcoming environment.
Welcome to the world of Van Bol & Feste!